This past week, the Trump administration forbade the CDC, America’s leading public health institute, from using seven words: “diversity,” “fetus,” “transgender,” “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “science-based” and “evidence-based.”

I am a Maternal-FETAL Medicine Specialist and SCIENTIST from a DIVERSE background who cares for VULNERABLE populations with EVIDENCE-BASED medicine.  Does the government want me to become a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist?!

I believe all women, cis or TRANS, deserve appropriate care rooted in empathy, EVIDENCE and SCIENCE. Through experience, I recognize ENTITLEMENT as a complex issue that may have negative or positive implications depending on how it is used. It often reflects the views of those in power to marginalize the other. But, ENTITLEMENT programs have regularly given the marginalized a chance at an equal playing field.

I am deeply troubled by this administration’s attempt to recreate our society by silencing truth and progress.  The banning of these words strongly affect future research fundings and will likely have profound negative impact on the lives of the most VULNERABLE.  Ironically, SCIENCE is under a methodical form of top-down attack. The stakes are too high!  It might take a grass-root people-centered movement to counteract this attack. The medical community cannot afford to stay silent!

Meet Carlos de Sousa – a Cape Verdean to Know

Cape Verdeans to Know

Carlos de Sousa

When you meet Carlos de Sousa, you are immediately struck by his inviting smile.  Then, you begin to learn about his love for Cabo Verde and for the Cape Verdean culture and community in Connecticut.   Carlos was born and raised in Waterbury, CT.  Son of Cape Verdean immigrants Jose de Sousa and Lucialina de Sousa, he puts his love for Cabo Verde into action.

Carlos has been an active member of the Cape Verdean Social Club, Inc of Waterbury since he was 16 years old.  He has held several positions at the Club, including being its President, Vice President and Secretary.  Carlos has organized several fundraisers for churches, schools and charities in Cabo Verde.  No wonder, Carlos was honored as Waterbury’s Cape Verdean Mayor of the Day on October 27, 2017!

Carlos graduated from Southern Connecticut State University in 2003 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.  He is the manager of the Affiliate Center of Excellence at Disney, which handles all affiliate revenue for Disney, ESPN and ABC companies.  He speaks fluent Cape Verdean Kriolo and enjoys playing soccer and dancing.

Carlos de Sousa is a Cape Verdean to Know.  #CV2Know


Cape Verdeans to Know (CV2Know) highlights Cape Verdeans making a strong contribution to their professions and community.

Look Who’s Climbing Connecticut’s Career Ladder!

It was 5 am in the morning and there I was awake and ready.  Ready for what?! My feet were heady to hit the ground running.  My mind was ready to conquer another day.  Except, it was Saturday morning.  After 11 years of training, my weekends now belonged to me.  My body did not yet know this.

This particular Saturday morning, I was right awake.  Unable to go back to sleep, I found myself googling my name along with the name of my new employer.  To my surprise, a smiley picture of me was featured in the Hartford Courant.  Who’s climbing the Connecticut ladder? Me.

I shared this feature with my mom and surprisingly heard her utter a most pleasurable sound.  Of all the degrees and awards I have received, somehow being featured in CT’s most prominent paper was the one accolade that made my mother feel that I had made it.