The Cape Verdean – Medical Alliance (CV-AMA) is dedicated to the advancement of Medicine in the Cape Verdean community through advocacy, education, research and service.


The goals of CV-AMA

  1. Provide human, material and financial support to Cape Verdean health agencies.
  2. Create partnerships with civil, medical and community organizations in the United States and the Cape Verde Islands as well as promote medical exchange programs between these organizations.
  3. Encourage and promote the pursuit of Medicine and Health Professions in the Cape Verdean – American community.

Past Projects:

1. Diabetes Project

  • Done in collaboration with the Univ. of CT School of Medicine IMPAX organization.
  • Donated glucose meters and strips to the hospital and clinics in S. Nicolau
  • Partners
    • Cape Verde Women’s Association of Waterbury
    • Univ. of CT School of Medicine IMPAX

2. Kinder Smile Project:

  • Conducted dental care workshops in kindergarten classes in S. Nicolau in 2010
  • Donated toothbrushes and toothpaste to kindergarten schools
  • Partners
    • Univ. of CT School of Medicine Student National Dental Association
    • Kindergarten Schools and teachers in S. Nicolau
    • TACV