Don’t let your guards down. COVID-19 is still a danger to Cabo Verdeans in the northeast of USA

What are the dangers of Covid-19 in the Cabo Verdean communities and surrounding areas in general? 

The number of people diagnosed and hospitalized with the coronavirus in the northeast states is decreasing.  Research has shown that social distancing is working and has saved thousands of lives.  Still, we must be vigilant and continue to protect ourselves from this potentially deadly virus.  The best way to protect ourselves and our families from COVID-19 is to stay away from those who have the virus.  The problem is that not everyone shows symptoms of COVID-19 infection and yet, they can still be contagious and give it to someone else.  Thus, continue to practice social distancing.  Stay at home as much as possible and avoid large gathering.  If you cannot stay home, please wear a face mask properly.  Make sure it covers your nose and mouth. 

There are rumors that face masks are not safe. Is it true?

The use of face masks have become a hot political issue when it is a good public health measure that protects all of us.  Contrary to much false information out there, face masks are safe to use.  They filter air with oxygen in and air with carbon dioxide out.  At the same time, they keep droplets with possible viruses from spreading between people.   I have been wearing masks for long hours at a time since medical school, especially in the operating room and have never gotten sick from wearing one.   

When should I go to a hospital if I think I have COVID-19?

Many people who become infected with COVID have very mild symptoms and do not need to go to a hospital.  However, if you are having trouble breathing, please seek medical care immediately.  People with fever and cough should also go to the hospital.

Why is COVID-19 affecting Black and Brown people more than whites?

COVID infection and the consequences of this infection are affecting Black and Brown people disproportionately.  We are quickly learning that this disparity in health and outcome has to do with systemic racism that has created a system in which Black people face many barriers to accessing high-quality health care that could keep us healthy and safe.

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